A year ago today...

Monday, December 22, 2008

One year ago today Kiale and I found out we were pregnant. We were very blessed to become pregnant on literally the first try. After having two precious boys we decided to go with the old wives tales and “try” for a girl. I didn’t eat anything acidic and we “had fun” when I was at the “peek” of ovulation, all of these things together were supposed to give us a girl. Ultimately we knew that it was really in God’s hands but it was fun “trying” for our girl anyway. Then on December 22, 2007 before my period even had a chance to start I took a pregnancy test. I just couldn’t wait, I was too excited, and it was positive!! We were elated, we got the only thing we wanted for Christmas and that was for me to be pregnant, and if it was a girl that would just be the biggest bonus. We waited until Christmas to tell everyone. We put pink and blue bows and everyone’s gifts… and guess what no one figured it out. We still had to actually tell everyone, but that aside it was such a wonderful Christmas!!


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