Not Me! Monday

Monday, December 8, 2008

Thank goodness for MckMama and her Not Me! Mondays... they always make a Momma feel sooo much better at the beginning of a new week.

I do not get HIGHLY IRRITATED when people call my daughter by half of her first name, instead of her beautiful FULL first name. Her name is Cayleigh-Grace not Cayleigh!!! It drives Kiale and I absolutely bonkers!! How hard is it to call her by her full name??? I just don't understand it... but like I said it doesn't bother me at all...

I do not have the absolute sweetest 5 year old in the whole world. Who this morning on the way to school said "Momma, Cayleigh-Grace spit up out her mouth and nose again, but don't worry Momma she is still pretty!" No my heart didn't totally melt... nope not me!

I did not stare in disbelief last Monday night as KJ came up to me and said that Colin had swallowed a bell, nope not me!! I did not then ask Colin what he was thinking by swallowing or by even putting the bell in his mouth at least a hundred times... I then did not watch Big Kiale try to make Colin puke out the bell, which decided to stay put in his tummy. I then did not give Colin the huge and long if you put anything other than food in your mouth you could have to go see Jesus, and you will never see any of us again, if you choke on it speech for at least a good 10 minutes. I then did not have to sort through pooh with an old tooth brush two days later only to my dismay of not finding the bell, although with how small it way I probably missed it b/c I wasn't about to pick up the pooh and actually sort through it for the bell...

We did not spend an hour and a half at a puppy store last Friday playing with all of the cute puppies and trying to decide exactly what type of puppy I want for my birthday. I did not decided on a Cocker Spaniel... nope not me!!


Mrs B said...

Remember the days before kids...poop was gross! Now, if there is no "poop stories" at the end of the day, what kind of day was it? :)

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