Lunch with Mom

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

My mom that is. Today was a big day for our sweet Cayleigh-Grace, she (and my mom) opened up her first savings account. Since Little Kiale was born my Mom has opened up a savings account for each of my kids within their first few months of life. This way they can have some "fun money" to buy their first car with when they turn 16, or whatever it is that they decide to do with it. I love that my Mom has done this for my kids. It will really help them out when they get older and I know that they will really appreciate it. She also buys them savings bonds for their birthdays and for Christmas. After we finished opening up her account we went to lunch in the food court at Shands, lunch was wonderful, and I always enjoy having some one on one (+1) time with my mom. As soon as I got there we went and showed off Cayleigh-Grace to all of Mom's coworkers since this was the first time I had brought her up there. It was so neat when one of her coworkers said that it was going to be a lunch with the "girls" normally that term is saved for referring to my sisters and I, but this time it was referring to three generations instead of just two. My mom, me, and my daughter. It is still so surreal to think that I have a daughter... I just love it!!


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