Christmas Week

Monday, December 29, 2008

Well to say the least Christmas week was wonderful.

12-21 was spent at my house with all of Kiale's family. We deep fried our turkey (my favorite way to have turkey), and had stuffing, fresh mashed potatoes, green beans w/ bacon, and rolls. It was delicious.

12-22 was spent with my kids,my mom, sisters, and Dylan (Dixie's boyfriend). All of us minus, my mom, Dylan, and Cayleigh-Grace got our hair cut. We got there at 1:00, and left at 3:30. That's two and a half hours of hair cutting for the 5 of us. We are all very happy with our hair, definitely worth the time it took to get it done.

12-23 a day of cookie and desert making, with Kiale, Cammie, and Colin. A tradition we will have to start doing each and every year. We all had a blast!!

12-24 Christmas at mom and dad's house. We had our traditional Christmas party, I cannot even remember how many years we have been doing it... a lot lets just put it that way. It was wonderful!! After that party we came home and left cookies and milk for Santa and the boys opened up their Christmas PJ's.

12-25 Am I the only mom out there who has a horrible time trying to sleep on Christmas. I am always way too excited to see the kids open their gifts that I always had a horrible time sleeping. Christmas morning was wonderful, the boys loved their gifts and I so enjoyed watching them open them. After gift-opening I made a huge breakfast of eggs, bacon, and sausage. Which everyone devoured. It was soo good!!

Then we headed over to my grandparents at noon for lunch and more gift-giving. It was so nice seeing everyone again. Not to mention Grandpa's food is always wonderful.

12-26 Was spent at Walmart shopping with just the kids and I. Kiale had to work... and then we had lunch with our best friends Katie, Gerald and their kids Kyler and Bella.

12-27 In my opinion was the best day of the whole week. My husband had his first Saturday off in at least a year. It was so wonderful. We had an excellent day out, and I mean the entire day we spent out shopping, and no one complained not once!! How awesome is that!!! We left the house at 10:30ish and headed out to Gander Mountain. We then went to the enclosed St. Augustine Outlet mall had lunch and did some shopping, and then attempted to go to the St. Augustine Prime Outlet Mall but it was packed, I mean packed to the point of not having any parking places open at all. So We then headed to the Orange Park mall and did some more shopping, then Walmart, and then to dinner. We finally got back home at about 7:30ish. It was such a wonderful day. How can an entire day be wonderful with a 5 & almost 4 year old and an almost 4 month old? No one made a single fuss the entire time, big Kiale didn't even fuss about going shopping all day, in fact it was entirely his idea. It was so nice. We have NEVER and I do mean NEVER spent an entire day like that out with everyone, heck Kiale and I have never spent an entire day shopping together and we will have been together for eight years on the 4th. It was such a wonderful day... I hope we can have many more days like that it the future. We were all so happy, I still get this huge warm feeling whenever I think about Saturday... it was just so enjoyable and we were all together as a family, I think that was the best part.


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