A Day of Anniversaries

Saturday, January 3, 2009

*I have been informed by my sweet husband that I was wrong and that our Anniversary is tomorrow the 4th, and since I cannot remember which day is the correct day we will go with him on this one.*

Today is one of those days where you just set back and look over the past years of your life. Today is Kiale and I’s eight year anniversary. This day eight years ago, Kiale and I were getting on a school bus heading to the Cummer Museum for a field trip, he asked if I was sitting with anyone and when I replied no, he asked if he could sit with me and from that moment our lives were changed forever. Needless to say if I had to pick a day of my life where it was forever changed, this would be the day. Six years ago today Kiale purposed... at the place that changed our lives, the museum... well actually a block away from it but it was close enough. It was still magical to me.

Today is also Cayleigh-Grace’s 4 month day. It seems like just yesterday I was waking Kiale... and several other family members up and saying its time, and now here she is 4 months old and absolutely beautiful, with both hands in her mouth chewing away... She really is starting to come into her own now, although I don't think she has changed that much from last month, other than her sleep patterns and she is much more social now. She had stopped "talking" for a couple of weeks, but she has seemed to have found her voice again within the past three days. She is enjoying making all sorts of crazy noises and sounds. She can still only roll over from her stomach onto her back, but she is getting closer to figuring out how to roll from her back onto her stomach, I feel it will only be a week or so and she will have figured that out.


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