Waiting on Summer...

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I cannot wait until summer time gets here, when the kids are out of school, and we leave the van packed to go to the lake all summer long. Summer is such a special care free time for us. It would have to be our favorite time of year, even with the near 100 degree weather. It is just wonderful, to be able to drop everything and just go to the lake on a moments notice.

Since it isn't summer yet, I guess we... well I... will just have to wait a few more months. Put since it is 76ish degree weather, in the middle of January (I love where we live.)I took these pics of the boys today that I figured you would enjoy!

Had to share this picture of Cayleigh-Grace... nothing special right? Well actually it is. I bought the outfit she is wearing over 2 years ago for my "Hope Box." This box was filled with all of the girl stuff I never thought I would be able to use, and here it is 2 years later and I actually have a daughter that gets to wear the outfit that would end up sitting in a box never getting used.


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