Finally Comming Home!!!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

I could not be happier right now, my sweet husband is finally coming home!! He has been on a hunting trip in Alabama for the past four days. It has definitely been a long few days without him home with us. The boys are really ready to have their Daddy back home too. I am just going through the house cleaning and organizing things that I have been putting off for quite a while now, so when he comes home everything will be clean and tidy.

I know that on my previous post I had said that it was my Anniversary with KS but after looking through some stuff in my "treasure box" I have realized that he was right and today is our actual Anniversary, and he remembered too. When I talked to him yesterday he asked me if I knew what today was... it is so awesome when guys remember stuff like that, and he remembered better than I did.

Well I am going to try something new with the help of one of my best friends "Belle" I am going to try couponing and everything that goes with that. I actually bought two papers today to get the coupons out of them. We will see how it goes, I can be pretty forgetful about stuff so we will see how it goes. Hopefully I will actually remember to use the coupons... wish me luck!


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