Not Me! Monday

Monday, January 12, 2009

Its Monday again already so here we go...

I did not give Cayleigh-Grace her first bottle of formula mixed with ceral (actually oatmeal) Saturday night just so I could sleep a little better...

Giving her the bottle was not a complete waste of time because she still did not wake up 4 times Saturday and Sunday nights... I am not totally missing a full nights sleep.

I did not save $45 when I went shopping on Saturday! Nope not me!!

I did not have two wonderful days last week where Cayleigh-Grace napped for an hour or so during each nap... and she is not back to her normal napping pattern of around 30 min.

I did not succeed in attempting to have more patience with my kids last week, and we did not have a much calmer and peacefuller (if that's a word) week because I was not yelling and fussing at them anywhere near as much as I normally would have been.

I am not looking forward to income tax time and counting down the days until Kiale and I will actually have some extra money!! Yay!!

I did not miss Cayleigh-Grace rolling over from her back onto her stomach for the first time last Thursday.

Cayleigh-Grace did not find those wonderful toys that God gave her... her feet!! On the tenth.


Lorina said...

I am completely psyched for our taxes too! Cute family.

Great NM!M

LucieP said...

Aw I love the feet stage!
I can't wait for tax time's that post holiday no money hang over thing!

I did not go off on my 8 yr old today because he threw a tantrum because he couldn't get everything in his backpack...and I have NO idea where he gets it from!

Jennifer said...

Your family is adorable. I love when they find their toes.

Melissa, Multi-Tasking Mama said...

I think we are all excited about tax time :-)

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