This day... history has been made.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

11:10am~ I sit here watching the inauguration of president Elect Barack Obama and I am in wonder of the history that I am watching. I am in constant prayer almost, just begging God to keep him and his family safe, and to guide him with all that he has to do. I may not have voted for him, but I do support him 150%.

A close friend of mine will be delivering her son today via C-Section... could you imagine all those sweet babies that will be born today are coming into this world on such an amazing and important day. A day that our country will forever be changed, and a day that so many firsts are coming into play.

11:18am~ look at all of those people!! It is amazing the amount of people that are out there in the freezing cold waiting to see the upcoming president being sworn in. ... I just hope all goes smoothly. It is amazing to see all of the past presidents... so many generations of presidents is a wonderful thing to see.

11:25~ I cannot help but snicker as I see the Grandmother to the soon to be First Daughters... she is in red and purple. I know my Mema is happy... Red Hats support all the way up in the White house. Those girls are so precious, I hope God keeps them firmly in his protective grasp as these years unfold., and these girls grow and mature .

11:30am~ Could you imagine the nervous butterflies that the soon to be First Family could be feeling... I cannot imagine how they must be feeling... talk about nervous excitedness. I love seeing all of the service men, those that have been serving our country there in the line up, saluting all of the past presidents.

11:37~ I cannot wait to get a paper tomorrow.

11:43~ I have goose bumps... may the Lord guide him and comfort him with all that he has to accomplish...

11:53am~ Such a wonderful invocation. Its is so comforting to know that that prayer will truly be heard around the world. Such a wonderful witness!

11:58am~ We have a new Vice-President

12:03pm~ The music is amazing, they are so talented. I do love classical music.

12:04pm~ Here we go, the oath begins...she looks so proud of her husband... its official it is done He is now President Barack Obama.

12:26pm~ He truly is an amazing man, I hope and pray that he can so all that is is hoping to be able to do. I may not agree with some of the things that he wants to accomplish and some of the things he believes in, but his plans are many and his plans are great. I just hope that with the cooperation of congress and the senate he is able to do the things that our country so desperately needs. God bless that man and all he is about to do.

12:38pm~ Interesting benediction...


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