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Sunday, January 4, 2009

MckMama you are so awesome for starting this, I know it always make me feel so much better. Okay, so here goes…

I did not let my neighbor take Cayleigh-Grace next door to visit with his wife when she wouldn’t stop crying yesterday afternoon after her nap, and I definitely needed a break, and I did not take those precious few minutes of peace to run around like a mad woman trying to put my outdoor Christmas decorations up that were still out.

I was not very thankful when he stayed for a few minutes and helped me try to calm her down… and after what seemed like and eternity I did not finally try gas drops, and then all was well with the world again.

I am not totally dreading sending the boys back to school on Tuesday, and I am not wondering why I have sent them to school in the first place, and not just kept them home with me. I am not missing them already and they aren’t even gone yet.

I did not forget to pay my car insurance amid the holiday chaos (which was due December 25), and I also did not totally loose the bill only to realize that it wasn’t paid when I noticed and excess of money in my account… and I do not have to make a special trip by there tomorrow to go and pay it…

I do not have a sweet baby girl who can only seem to nap for 30-45 minutes at a time during the day, with at least 2 hour gaps between her naps.

I also do not have a daughter who literally screeches and has spent the past two days doing it almost nonstop… (I will try to get it on my camera so you can enjoy the screech-e-ness of it all)

I am not getting annoyed with my 5 year old who cannot seem to say a single word without stuttering, but if I tell him not to talk to me without stuttering he can say the sentence perfectly (most of the time)… (if anyone knows any helpful hints on stuttering please leave me a comment)It is so hard to have patience with him...

I did not wait on pins and needles the whole afternoon waiting on my husband to get home from his 4 day Alabama trip.


Anonymous said...

My son used to stutter at this same age and his nursery school teacher made a big production out of it. Our wonderful pediatrician explained that is has do to his brain working faster than his mouth can get the words out. They CAN NOT help it. Just ignore it and be patient. Speech is not fully developed until age 6-7. The more you make of it, the worse it will become and can turn into a nervous habit. It was painful for us as others always had something to say about it or make fun of it. My son is now 15 yrs. old and no stuttering since he was about six. The stuttering did not last long. Just let it pass. This too shall pass. Call your pediatrician if you are concerned.

N. said...

Hi. I do have a comment or two on stuttering. Two of my kids did it so bad! Both times doctors told me that it was at a time that their brains were having vocabulary boosts but their mouths were not able to keep up. It always passed after a short period of time. You notice they don't stutter when they speak spontaneously .. it's because they aren't THINKING about what they are going to say. They aren't having to think about what words to use from that expanded vocabulary. One of those children has a speech delay. His speech path advised me to have him sing a lot during periods that he is stuttering. Children cannot stutter while singing! It works!

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