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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Boy is this weekend going to be busy for our household. We have a double birthday party at 2:00, then we are probably heading to Jax after that for the remainder of the afternoon, so needless to say we are going to have a very late night. I am just trying to relax right now, and then I have to give Emi and Andy their baths. They smell like dogs and that is just not pleasant.

Tomorrow we are going to get up bright and early and headed down south, then we are going to Bass Pro Shops after we get done in Brooksville. I am hoping to be back home by 4 but I am sure it will most likely be around 6. Really hoping for 4 though...

Cayleigh-Grace actually started out the night in her own bed (in her own room) last night. We had a HORRIBLE night Thursday night... lets put it this way we might have gotten 5 hours of sleep Thursday night. Last night was wonderful, she actually slept until 3:00 this morning she then nursed and went right back to sleep. It was so nice, big change from her getting up at Midnight the night before, and then getting up nursing and then wanting to play and talk for an hour or so. Hopefully she will continue to do better, goodness knows her daddy and I need our sleep! Amazingly it really didn't even bother me to have her in her own room, I guess I am finally ready for it now. Its still sad though... I love the newborn baby stage so much I hate to see it go... :(

See you next year January!!


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